Newborn Documentary Session

What it is: A way to savor the new baby days and lead your senses back to those tiny features & emotional rushes exactly as they were.

What to expect: This is a two-hour session. I’ll come to your home (or medical facility) within the first few days of the birth or adoption.

How it works: You get to carry on business as usual: feedings, sleepy snuggles, diaper changes, shell-shocked siblings – whatever the hum of your new life.

We will record the tiny details of your baby in natural positions for them – like while you are holding them, swaddled, with siblings, etc. You will not need to pose or be separate from your baby, as I will be utilizing artistic angles, environmental lighting, and authentic moments to create these meaningful images for you.

If you’d enjoy in home documentation of your babies first year let me know and we can create a discounted package for sessions at newborn, six months and a year.

Documentary Session