Lifestyle Session

What it is: This session is set in a familiar outdoor setting during the golden hour before sunset. It’s an opportunity to get artsy photos of what your family looks like and the outfits you love on them, but also to grasp their personality and relationship with you.

What to expect: A relaxing hour with the people you love. These sessions’ primary focus is capturing real smiles, milestones, and moments that come naturally.

How it works: We will find a spot with fabulous light where you can settle in and be yourselves. If you have young kids, I will likely be as un-animated as possible. Not because I’m not fun (haha) but because I want them to be free to be themselves and have special moments with you. You don’t have to pose or ask your kids to look at me. You get to enjoy and fully engage with your people -this will allow meaningful, authentic moments to happen for me to capture for you. It also helps everyone enjoy themselves and be down for regular photography sessions in the future. 

Note: I can add direction at times if you’d like, but if I’m not, it’s because I can typically get great shots by moving myself rather than you. I prefer to do that whenever possible rather than breaking a moment or causing you to feel like a marionette. I get that sometimes you need a “smiling at the camera” portrait, so if that’s you, let me know, and we can do that (typically fairly smoothly here and there) in that hour as well!