Day in the Life Session

What it is: A way to cheat time and hold on to those little moments and details that are part of your current season of life.

What to expect: A normal day (just with me there…) two, four hours even from breakfast to nightly snuggles if you’d like.

How it works: I’ll have you think about your typical day beforehand; what you love or makes you laugh, even what exhausts you, but you know you will miss someday. If you have a partner or children, get some ideas and thoughts from them as well! Then just seek out opportunities to do those things while I’m there. No sweat if we don’t get to them all; simple is more in this case (It’s ok if I need to come back, right?). It’s also helpful for me to hear you describe little details about your family beforehand, so I know what is meaningful to capture. This could be personality traits, interests, physical features, interactions, expressions. . .anything you can think of!

I will be like a fly on the wall observing and creating art from your day. There will be no posing, just me awkwardly positioning myself anywhere I need to be to get the photos you will love. These sessions start at a two-hour base price with a smaller amount per additional hours you’d like covered.

Day in the Life Session